Debt Mutual Funds

A Guide to Debt Funds- All About Debt Funds

Debt funds are fast gaining popularity among Indian investors, thanks to the prevailing volatile market conditions.

What is Credit Risk Fund

Investors are always looking for ways to invest their money so that they can get the maximum possible returns.

Monthly Income Plan- A Quick Guide to Monthly Income Scheme

Monthly Investment Plan (MIP) is an investment instrument specially designed for conservative investors.

A Beginners Guide to Money Market Mututal Fund

If you are searching for a mutual fund where you could park your excess money for a short-term and earn risk-free returns, Money Market Funds (MMFs) are highly recommended.

Benefits of Investing in Money Market Funds

Want to earn high returns from mutual fund investment? Invest in money market funds, which has high returns potential.

What is a Gilt Fund: Gilt Fund Meaning, Features, Risk & Returns

Government-backed securities are known to be one of the safest investment options.

Debt Fund Types- Understanding Different Types of Debt Funds

One of the popular mutual funds is debt funds.

What is Floater Fund: Definition, Characteristics, and Types

The interest rate offered by a debt instrument is either fixed or floating.

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